The Bible is the Word of God and is inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is without error in the original writings, as well as, the supreme and final authority in doctrine and practice.

There is one true God comprised of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (The Trinity). Each has the same nature and attributes, but is distinct in office and activity.

Man was created in God's image, but is separated from God by sin. His only hope of redemption is in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. His only hope of redemption is in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Man's only hope of salvation is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. On the cross, Jesus Christ became sin and sickness, providing both salvation and healing for all mankind.

This salvation comes from repenting of your sins, believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and confessing with your mouth, Jesus as Lord.

Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ and not by human works; however, our works are evidence of our faith and will determine our rewards in Heaven.

Baptism in water is a declaration to the world that a believer has died with Christ and that they have been raised with Him to walk in newness of life. (It's a public profession of your faith in Christ.)

The celebration of the Lord's Supper by eating of the bread and drinking of the cup is remembrance of what Jesus did for us.

All believers are entitled to and should expect and seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit, according to the promise of the Father and the command of Jesus Christ. With this gift comes power for life and service. This experience is distinct from and subsequent to the new birth.

The institution of marriage was created by God and is a sacred, holy and monogamous union between a man and a woman. It involves a lifelong covenant, a solemn, purposeful, willful, binding agreement made before God, a man, and a woman (Genesis 2:24; Malachi 2:14).

The Church is the Body of Christ and each believer is an integral part of that Body.

Jesus is coming to gather all those who believe in Him and take them to Heaven (The Rapture).

Those who have not accepted the redemptive work of Jesus Christ will suffer eternal separation from God (in hell).

Our Vision

To reach and impact the Peoria area and our world by delivering the Word of God through relevant worship, discipleship, relationships, and stewardship.

Our Mission

To reach the unchurched for Jesus.
To teach the unchurched about Jesus.
To build the church and make disciples of Jesus.

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