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30-croudRockChurch began seventeen years ago and has been on the move ever since...literally. After being in ten different locations during our first eleven years, nine of which we were completely mobile, we finally purchased our own property in February of 2009. We have since added additional weekend services and have transitioned into a growing and thriving church. Founding pastor Chuck Tate leads RockChurch with a strong vision and passion to reach and disciple the unchurched and de-churched

RockChurch has a unique worship dynamic in a laid back "come as you are" atmosphere that includes a high energy band and relatable and humorous delivery of the Word of God. It's an explosive, phenomenal movement of God – something you have to experience

By the way, you are encouraged to bring your drink into the service. So come find out for yourself what all the noise is about...and yes, we even provide ear plugs!

What To Expect

  • Our band will play some loud worship music
  • You will be asked to high-five at least three people
  • A pastor will deliver a message you understand and enjoy
  • We'll ask you to fill out a Connection Card and we will receive an offering in some really snazzy black buckets that look like they were designed to hold fried chicken
  • After about an hour, the service (worship experience) will be over. If you're at all confused about when this happens, just make note of the time when everyone starts to leave. That's the end of the service. :)

About Us

After seventeen years of delivering the Gospel (Good News) to the Peoria area, we could write a book "ABOUT RC." So many people have been introduced to Jesus - so many lives have been transformed.

Here's the Reader's Digest version for you: RockChurch began as a vision given to Chuck Tate in '95 when he was living in Tulsa, OK serving as convention manager for a national youth ministry and attending GUTS Church & Church On The Move. While driving back to Tulsa after a ministry tour in Canada the idea hit. After some prayer and planning, Chuck and his wife Annette moved to Peoria, Illinois in 1997 to set it off.

On May 31, 1998, RockChurch officially opened its doors for the first time. Fast forward to the here and now, 2015. After 17 years, ten locations, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears -- RC has assembled a team whose hearts are line with the vision, a number of ministries have formed to meet the needs of a variety of people, and it’s beginning to explode!

The vision was to have a church for people who don't feel comfortable in church. Done. That's our story, we're sticking to it.

Click here for more information on our beliefs, vision, and mission.

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SERVICE TIMES: SAT @5:00PM / SUN @ 9:00AM & 11:00AM • 1081 UPPER SPRING BAY RD, EAST PEORIA, IL • (309) 699-4-ROCK (4762) • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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